Rombach & Haas - Romba Cuckoo Clocks from Schonach

The clock manufacturer Rombach & Haas in Schonach in the Black Forest has been impressing with its Romba cuckoo clocks for generations with quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

Rombach und Haas

Rombach & Haas

Since 1894 the traditional Romba watches have been lovingly handcrafted at Rombach & Haas and carefully handed down the art of watchmaking. 

The family business in Schonach celebrates Black Forest handicrafts in the fifth generation.

Rombach und Haas

History of Romba watches

The Rombach & Haas company was founded in 1894. The history of the company began when Wilhelm Rombach started repairing watches and making them himself. His son, Alfred Rombach, later joined the company and began producing cuckoo clocks. Under his leadership the company grew rapidly and more and more models were produced. 

A former farmhouse in the middle of Schonach served as the location, which soon became the center of cuckoo clock production.

Rombach und Haas

Rombach & Haas today

Today Rombach & Haas is one of the leading manufacturers of cuckoo clocks and offers a wide range of models in different sizes and styles.

The clocks are still lovingly made by hand in the own workshop in the Black Forest in German..

 The company is known worldwide for its high quality.