Cuckoo Clock Service

We help you with any questions regarding your cuckoo clock. A cuckoo clock is a real German quality product that works a long time and many years.

If you nevertheless have a problem with your clock, we are happy to help. If required, we can tell you world cuckoo clock repair stations or contact directly the manufacturer. Most of the things you can easily carry out yourself, such as adjust the clock, if they should pursue something once. For these and similar cases see below our service videos with helpful explanations and tips about the mechanical cuckoo clock.

Take cuckoo clock running

Everything about the correct hanging of and putting into operation of a cuckoo clock. Just click on the video and see how easy and fast it goes:

Solutions for the Cuckoo Clock

Here you will find practical solutions to small problems around your cuckoo clock.

The clock does not keep or irregular, she goes before or after a few minutes - you can see here how to adjusts the clock again yourself easily and simply:

If the cuckoo call does not work anymore:

Quick solutions when the music does not play properly in Black Forest Clocks with music or not at all stops playing: