Cuckoo clock with valuable carved ornaments

Product information Cuckoo clock with valuable carved ornaments

Original Black Forest cuckoo clock in the 1850s style with valuable carved ornaments paired with a mechanical clockwork. Rombach & Haas Cuckoo clock: a piece of home, a piece of the Black Forest in Germany.

The cuckoo calls once every half hour and on the hour the time (e.g. 4 times at 4:00 p.m.) and looks happily out of its side-opening door.

A manual night switch-off for the cuckoo call is elegantly and practically integrated.


Height approx. 40 cm, approx. width 29 cm, approx. depth 17 cm.
Please note that the weights and the pendulum require additional space below the clock.

Clockwork: 8 day movement
Color: brown
Night shutdown cuckoo call: existing
Design: Carvings, Chalet, Cut Wood Ornaments, with bird
Clocks category: wall clock

Cuckoo Clock with original mechanical movement

Mechanical movement means that the cuckoo clock is driven with the weight integrated on the pine cones. A weight is responsible for the clock movement, the other is for the cuckoo. There are no batteries required, the clock is their own power plant and works alone with the force of the weights. If they are reached the bottom, they must be manually pulled up again, which happens easily and is necessary only once a day, at the 8-day-movement even just once a week. A nice ritual while contributing to environmental protection.

Black Forest Clock Association

Original german Cuckoo Clock - Certificate of Authenticity:

You can be sure to get a authenticity Cuckoo Clock. The seal of approval from the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS) is your guarantee of quality and a traditional mechanical clockwork from the Black Forest made in Germany.
> to the Certificate of Authenticity (PDF)

Romba cuckoo Clocks Rombach Haas

Romba Black Forest Clocks from Rombach & Haas:

Since 1894 traditional Romba watches lovingly made by hand in the cuckoo clock factory Rombach & Haas. We supply only with authenticity seal directly from Romba. The family business is located in Schonach Black Forest, they perform their crafts in the 5th generation.